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I would be happy to proof this invitation for you and sell you the high-resolution┬áprintable version. The cost is $15 for the invitation and insert and you can have as many as you like printed. I highly recommend having them printed in 5x7 glossy photo paper so the colors are really bright neon. Costco Photo is a very reasonable option. If youd like to do that, please use PayPal to send $15 to [email protected]. I will also need you to email me with your party detail so I can prepare a proof. I look forward to working with you. :)


Cody Bridges

can you put the glow in the dark paint on a white cement wall, and it only show up at night?
Thanks ,

smart night light reviews

Taking photos of a blacklight party can be VERY difficult so I have a few hints that I got from a photographer friend of mine.


Do highlighters actually glow in the dark?

Leah Holamon

What did you do for a cake?


Who knew there were so many blacklight party decorations?

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